Road Trip 2015, Day 21, Bourg en Bresse to Laon

Hot and then a tad cooler..
Woke up this morning, suns out but at least theres a breeze blowing, we didn’t worry about the breakfast, we grabbed a cold drink from the vending machine and sat outside on the benches while we got all our gear together.
Once loaded we were only minutes away from the main road, toll roads all the way today as we had some miles to do…although that not helped by me promptly getting on the wrong slip road so had to do 13K’s up one side only to come back 13 K’s the other side !
Sat on the motorways, rarely dropping below 130kph, nudging 140 more often than not, even with regular stops to fuel up and for drinks it does take its toll on your neck on a cruiser with out a screen, it the 3rd day of high speed riding and I can certainly feel it now.

The weather forecast was for it to be cooler the further north we went and they were right, although when I say cooler as we rolled into Laon at 4.30, just missing rush hour for once, it was still 31 degrees, but it felt a whole lot cooler than that to us..
The B&B is great, very ‘French’….good meal out too in the shadow of the cathedral, really nice to eat outside all the time, can’t remember when we last ate inside…
Home tomorrow night, we have got to run the gauntlet with the migrants at Calais though, seems there has been a bit of trouble there these last few days, hopefully we won’t be delayed..
About 275 miles today I think, although it felt like a lot more, the heat certainly takes it out of you…


2 thoughts on “Road Trip 2015, Day 21, Bourg en Bresse to Laon”

  1. No screen, motorways? You’re a better man than I 🙂

    I hope that Calais has settled down again. Although it was torrential rain as I got to Calais last week it did mean there were very few folks hanging about by the side of the road.


    1. Funny thing is I got the QR screen sitting in the bike cave, never gave it a though as I don’t usually have it fitted….Big thunderstorm in Calais but no other issues, all in the blog later…


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