Christmas in Andalusia, Day 1

Ok, not strictly just day one as it includes the ferry crossing last night which turned out to be a little different as I was supposed to be leaving from Poole this morning. A technical issue meant it was cancelled so the only way I could keep to the schedule I had was to leave from Portsmouth last night, to be fair Brittany Ferries done all they could to help me, even a posh cabin all to myself.. 


Brittany Ferries 4 berth cabin
On the ferry and strapped down

Once loaded, I was the only motorcycle, I thought a quick pint was needed, just to toast the holiday of course, before I got my head down in my nice posh cabin as it was a 5.45 wake up call in the morning !

It was indeed an early start, still dark when we unloaded at 6.45, in fact it didn’t get really light until 8.30 on the plus side the roads were quiet, although they don’t seem to get busy. Only had 180 miles to do today due to sailing early so set the sat nav to ‘curvy roads’ that gave me 5 hours of riding..not the best weather first thing, don’t think it ever rained, it just always seemed to be very wet, like I was chasing the did brighten up the closer I got to Nantes, even the sun came out..did have a close call with 3 horses that were loose on the road, just shows that you have to be on your game at all times..

Gonna have to factor in some bike washing at some point.. 


Dirty boy…
Dirty Bike !
  Checked in at the Campanile in Nantes…


Campanile Nantes
 good budget hotel with a restaurant on site, so I’ll be using that later before an early night…490 miles to do tomorrow to get to Spain !

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