Christmas in Andalusia, Day 3

Not sure where I got too in yesterday’s write up…had some great food…black pudding, a specialty of the region apparently…followed by roast suckling lamb..very good indeed and of course a glass of Rioja…oh, been getting some stick via Twitter and FB about the state of my bike so had a little clean up operation, sacrificing a t shirt and a bottle of sparkling water..I figured sparking over still as this would help shift those stubborn stains 🙂

Anyway, think that’s all I forgot..back to today..800 kilometres to cover so up early, before the sun again..convinced I was in for another round of toll roads..after all if you have to get the distance in sometimes you have no choice but when selecting the avoid tolls route I was really surprised to find that it was nearly the same time and off I the dark..but what a good move, the sunrise was awesome, couldn’t help but stop and take a couple of photos.. 

Sunrise 2


Sunrise 2
The temperature wasn’t too bad when I set off, but the closer I got to Madrid the colder it got, next thing I noticed was frost on the grass..a definite temperature drop..getting into Madrid at 10.30 it was 4 degrees according to the sign outside the chemist..quick refuel in the centre of Madrid, fuel is so cheap here..€1.10 seems to be about average, about £0.80 per litre ish !

Back on the road and heading out of Madrid the temperature started to rise..although I was still on main roads they were quite enjoyable, just enough to keep you entertained but obviously with the distance I had to do you don’t want anything to taxing..quick stop for a brew and knocked up some pasta, as I had the stove I just as well use it.. 

Lunch stop
The last 200 kilometres into Malaga were really nice roads weaving through the hills, excellent way to finish a good days ride, topped up with fuel before checking into the hotel..had to put the bike in a lift to take it down to the lower level car park..couldn’t help but give it a blip when I started up 🙂

Really nice hotel..forgot I booke such a good was busy so I opted to eat outside, bit of a novelty on Christmas Eve..must remember to book a table for tomorrow night.. 

Hotel Molina Lario

Off to Gibraltar tomorrow…


5 thoughts on “Christmas in Andalusia, Day 3”

  1. A braver man than I am Paul. This time of year can be a killer in terms of weather. All power to your elbow and stuff the folks who comment about the state of the bike 😉




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