Christmas in Andalusia, Day 5

Or Boxing Day if your in the uk..don’t think this is a world wide thing…do many people have Boxing Day ? Does sound kinda weird..wonder where that name comes from, maybe a little Google is in order later..anyway, I digress, checkout day in Molina Lario in Malaga, nice late midday checkout though, plenty of time to enjoy breakfast and re pack my panniers and topbox, I’ve kept things so that the only thing I take off when I’m going into hotels is the topbox, this just means that once or twice on the trip you have to re pack so you have enough clean clothes..I have gone the throw away route this trip though, wearing the old stuff I have and then throwing it away, same with the t shirts, I bought the cheapest ones I could find, from Tesco’s, £2 a T shirt and then throwing it away after use…seems wasteful but I’ve overpacked as usual, very difficult to know what to pack to be honest because down here in Malaga it’s 20 degrees and it could quite easily be sub zero with snow on the ground on the way home…but I still packed too much !

Leaving the hotel I put the new place in the Sat Nav…only 15 minutes away, I know your thinking why didn’t you stay there from the start ? Well the tour company didn’t say where it was until the last minute, I guess depends how many are coming and who can do the best deal..anyway the Paradores Malaga Golf hotel is the place for tonight,

Balcony view
Paradores Malaga Golf hotel

meeting up with the rest of the party that’s going on the tour with Hispania Tours, drinks, meal and a general chat about the tour, if you a link clicker it’s this tour I’m going on (notice how I’m getting the hang of putting links in !)

Really good crowd, mostly German but English is spoken by most so that’s good, also have one American in the group…they all seem to be looking forward to the tour that starts at 8.30 prompt tomorrow !

One thought on “Christmas in Andalusia, Day 5”

  1. If you’re Spanish, you’re probably rhinking that Boxing Day has something to do with pugilism. Not so.

    Boxing Day is the day you take a box of left-over food to the local poor people, or retired staff living on your estate, if you live at Downton Abbey!

    There, now you know.


    Tiger 100 in Guernsey

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