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Christmas in Andalusia, Day 4

Christmas Day ! 

Christmas over here doesn’t seem to be such a big affair as it is in the uk..more like a bank holiday..the petrol stations are open, bars &  restaurants and some shops too, yes, not as busy as normal but nothing like the food fest we seem to have back home..anyway, breakfast done and it was off to meet Chris from we’ve been communicating via Twitter for a while and he suggested meeting up Christmas morning while his good lady was in church..meeting at Ke bar in Sotogrande Marina, very nice..enjoyable hour or so spent chatting and eating tapas…thanks Chris.. 

Me at Sotogrande Marina
Back on the bike I carried on to Gibraltar…I had been warned of the hassles getting on and off the wasn’t too bad, a quick show of my passport and it was all done..funny place Gibraltar, you drive on the wrong side of the road but everything’s British..traffic lights, post boxes…odd having to drive across a runway to get into the place too..wacky road system too, definitely not built for cars ! 

Gibraltar and its roads
It was a bit overcast just on Gibraltar but soon as I got off and headed back up the coast that soon cleared and the sun was out once more..took a few more pics on the way back…


just stuff
more stuff
When I got back to the hotel I was even allowed to operate the bike lift by myself too.. 

bike lift

The route I took today…


Christmas Day Route

And on a personal note, I’d like to thank everyone for their Christmas and personal messages today, it means a lot. Hope you all had a great Christmas…Andalucian tour next 🙂 

Lands End to John O’Groats…LEJOG day 3

The breakfast at the Crown & Mitre didn’t yourself buffet and plenty of it, a certain friend of mine, Mr T, would have been impressed…checked out and moving on to Bonnie Scotland..after checking all the weather forecasts and as the sun was shining I decided to head out sans waterproofs, maybes mile or so inside the Scottish border the first storm of rain..I thought it wise to break out the waterproofs, along with the over boots, neat little things that zip over your boots..100% waterproof..

As routes through Scotland are limited unless you have weeks it was an hour on the motorway followed by the A9 all the way to Inverness going through the Cairngorms..unfortunately the rain was pretty much with me all the way, I did plan to call in at ‘Rumble in the Glen, a big bike meet in Aviemore, many Harley’s but as the weather was so bad I decided to carting on through, did stop to help a guy that had broken down on his HD, he was a local, had absolutely no idea what he was saying most of the time, friendly enough though, thanked me for stopping and did say I was the only one that had, after another group rode passed, anyway not sure if it was just my presents but all of a sudden his bike fired up, I followed him for a while before he peeled off towards Aviemore, way to many leather waistcoats for me. Carrying on towards Inverness a fellow Thunderbird rider slotted in beside me and rode the remaining 50 or so miles along the A9 with me, a road that is 110 miles or so and along most of its length has average speed cameras. 

It’s a real shame the weather wasn’t better, the last 20 minutes the sun came out and could really enjoy the ride, I can see the scenery would be fantastic, maybe on the way back. 

Ever since I left Cornwall my back tyre has been on my mind, the tread depth wasn’t as much as I thought, a bit complacent of me I know to start a trip like this without making sure everything was up together but as a new tyre went on just before the Italy trip I thought it would be ok..anyway arriving at the hotel, a quick glance down I relished it wasn’t going to last, after checking in I asked the guy on reception if there was anywhere I could get a tyre from, a phone call later and I was booked in, Mitchell’s Motorcycles in Inverness can’t fault them, cheap too…new tyre, new pads and even replaced a wheel bearing because it was a bit rough, he showed me before he replaced it. 


Thunderbird Tyre fitting
Good evening meal tonight The Beaufort Hotel, here for 2 nights, bit pricey but great place, but as always will be judged on their breakfast..


Raspberry Cheesecake
Baked Goats cheese
Tracking map, managed to get it all on one today..


Tracking Map Carlisle to Inverness

So up to John O’Groats tomorrow, only about 130 miles and the sun is supposed to be shining !