Project Bonnie…

Triumph Bonneville
2007 Triumph Bonneville SE


The starting point, a 2007 Bonnie, last of the carburettor models, a few modifications have already been carried out by the previous owner, a good friend of mine that bought it from new so the history is 100% accurate, air injection removal, straight through pipes and jetted to suit, heavy duty clutch fitted, powder coated rims with stainless steel spokes, Hagon suspension and various other bits and bobs.

I feel the need for a bike in the cafe racer style so the idea is to modify the Bonnie in such a way that it can be put back to standard should I need to at a later date, I know I could go out there and buy a Thruxton but as I’ve already got the Bonnie it makes sense……


The bars have gotta go, been thinking about this for age’s I really like the look of Ace bars but feel they maybe to extreme and a think that M bars are the way to go with a set of bar end mirrors, although I may change my mind again..

Ace Bars
Ace Bars
M Bars
M Bars

Probably stay with chrome finish, although the current trend seems to be to black everything out I quite like the look of chrome against black…

Bar end Mirror
Bar end Mirror

Not 100% about the mirrors yet, they have to look good but they do have a purpose too, these are from Norman Hyde as are the bars  but the mirrors are nearly £59.00 each, OK they are stainless steel but still seem a lot of money so we’ll see….

The Seat

British Customs seat
British Customs seat

Been looking a while and found this seat unit from British Customs

perfect for what I want, although it doesn’t come with a seat cowl I think it will tidy up the back end nicely, the light comes with a choice of clear or red lens, I think the red gives a more authentic look, a new number plate mount needs to be fitted as does a relocating kit for the indicators, these will be retained for now..

More to come…….

……….Ok, the new bars where ordered as was the bar end mirror from Norman Hyde, I went for the Norman Hyde mirror after looking at all the options, although expensive, it just looked right, not too modern.

The bars went on with no problems, well apart from the usual struggle with swapping the grips over, because I only went for one mirror it left me with the clutch side needing a bar end because I went for hollow bars so I could fit the mirror, I didn’t want to have to buy a set of bar ends so I used the stock end bought a rawl bolt from the local hardware store with the same thread, worked a treat, no bar vibrations so a good result all round.

I took the crash bars off too, just thought I’d see how she’d look without them, they’ll stay off for a while…

Slowly changing my mind over the seat too, I might keep the single Sixty8 seat and just add a FEK (fender elimination kit) or sart with that anyway, will need some blanking plugs for where the stock mirrors were, blanking plugs for the rear footpegs and I suspect rear sets but plenty of time to get those.

Bonneville M Bars side veiw with no crash bars
Bonneville M Bars side veiw with no crash bars
M Bars from the riders POV
M Bars from the riders POV

Took her out for a little run, video here,  feels great to ride, a little cramped as I’m a six footer but ok for now.

More to follow……


……….Quick update on the Bonnie….British Customs FEK (fender eliminator kit) fitted along with their turn signal shock mounted brackets and new turn signal, I still have to do the front ones to match, I’ll probably relocate these as well so I can change the headlight ears eventually.

Also put some pillion peg eliminators on too.

I’m still not sure on the seat…….It will change but just not sure what one yet.

How she’s looking at the moment…..

Bonnie with FEK


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