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Christmas in Andalusia, Day 9

You know it’s amazing when you throw random people together from different countries and different backgrounds how they all get on together…after a few beers last night it was decided that the clutch cable would wait to the morning, not a good idea as the morning came and things were a little fuzzy around the edges..so after re assessing the cable situation the general feeling was to take all the equipment with us and if it broke, we’d sort it out then..bit of a kop out but hey, I’m on holiday I’ll just go with the flow…:)

Great day riding today in nice warm sunshine..coffee at a race track, amazing mountain roads and a sunset over the sea, along with people that are becoming good friends…I’ll let the pictures tell the story… 



Christmas in Andalusia, Day 8

Ok, I seem to have got a bit behind with the blog, lots of riding and lots of evenings socialising along with plenty of red wine seem to do that so a quick couple of catch up posts..so leaving the hotel at Nerja we headed into the mountains once again, a bit of low cloud made the roads a little interesting, definitely more slippy than uk roads in the wet but it wasn’t long before the sun came out. Halfway through the day I did notice that my clutch cable was badly worn, fortunately I took a spare with me, so clutch less changes for the rest of the day to make sure it lasted the day and then change it when we got to the next hotel in Las NegrasFew photos of the day… 


Christmas in Andalusia, Day 6

The tour starts here…up early for breakfast and head over to Hispania tours HQ for the rest of the guys to pick up their bikes, I lost my screen and top box rack in their lock up, really nice to have the bike stripped down to its fighting weight again…

A rose amongst the thorns


Inside Hispainia Tours HQ

The tour group was split into two smaller groups with Dominic leading our group with me and three other riders..I think there may have been some doubt about the Thunderbird keeping up in the twisties as I was given the sweeper position at the rear..more than happy with that though as very often I lead a ride so it makes a change, oh, and no problems keeping up either 🙂

After a couple of hours of ‘warm up’ twisties it was time for a coffee stop where we met up briefly with the rest of the group…we’ll call them the B team…:)

Day 1 coffee stop

Moving on we headed for Ronda (help me !) for lunch, some great roads…

Dominic’s leg cramp stop !

The sort of roads you don’t just stumble upon, you have to know your stuff, fantastic scenery too, when you can take your eyes of the road long enough to look at it..I think this part of the trip is going to end up very picture heavy..

Ronda 1


Ronda 2


Ronda 3

After a great lunch we were soon back on the bikes in search of more twisties…of course they knew exactly where to find them..stunning views once again..

Day 1 on the road 1


Day 1 on the road 2


Day 1 on the road 3

As I said this bit is going to be picture heavy, I can tell you we went around some bends but really you have to see it to believe it…it was a tad windy though…a quick fuel stop and then on to our hotel for the evening and a beer or two.


Christmas in Andalusia, Spain

Christmas road trip planned…Its going to b a little fresh I know but hopefully once I get to southern Spain things should warm up a little. Was planning to take the Portsmouth to Santander ferry but this takes so long I think it’ll be quicker to ride down via the Poole-Cherbouge ferry,  more fun too.

I’ll spend a couple of days in Malaga hopefully with a visit to Gibraltar  on Christmas day a before I join a guided bike tour with Hispania Tours around Andulusia for 8 days and then returning home via Barcelona.

The outward route looks to be just over 1300 miles

The return route is just over 1550 miles

The organised tour is about 850 miles, so with a trip to Gibraltar and getting lost once or twice it’ll be a trip length of just under 4,000 miles.

Obviously this is a trip on the Thunderbird, the bikes pretty much ready to go, I’ll put the screen on so that should keep the worst of the weather off, I may need a new rear tyre (no surprise there) it would probably have been ok but as I’m sure there will be rain at some point it makes sense to have some decent tread depth.

The riding kit needs to be adjusted a little, a set of textiles for sure with some decent waterproof liners and waterproof gloves, if such a thing exists.