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Christmas in Andalusia, Day 9

You know it’s amazing when you throw random people together from different countries and different backgrounds how they all get on together…after a few beers last night it was decided that the clutch cable would wait to the morning, not a good idea as the morning came and things were a little fuzzy around the edges..so after re assessing the cable situation the general feeling was to take all the equipment with us and if it broke, we’d sort it out then..bit of a kop out but hey, I’m on holiday I’ll just go with the flow…:)

Great day riding today in nice warm sunshine..coffee at a race track, amazing mountain roads and a sunset over the sea, along with people that are becoming good friends…I’ll let the pictures tell the story… 



Christmas in Andalusia, Day 8

Ok, I seem to have got a bit behind with the blog, lots of riding and lots of evenings socialising along with plenty of red wine seem to do that so a quick couple of catch up posts..so leaving the hotel at Nerja we headed into the mountains once again, a bit of low cloud made the roads a little interesting, definitely more slippy than uk roads in the wet but it wasn’t long before the sun came out. Halfway through the day I did notice that my clutch cable was badly worn, fortunately I took a spare with me, so clutch less changes for the rest of the day to make sure it lasted the day and then change it when we got to the next hotel in Las NegrasFew photos of the day… 


Christmas in Andalusia, Day 5

Or Boxing Day if your in the uk..don’t think this is a world wide thing…do many people have Boxing Day ? Does sound kinda weird..wonder where that name comes from, maybe a little Google is in order later..anyway, I digress, checkout day in Molina Lario in Malaga, nice late midday checkout though, plenty of time to enjoy breakfast and re pack my panniers and topbox, I’ve kept things so that the only thing I take off when I’m going into hotels is the topbox, this just means that once or twice on the trip you have to re pack so you have enough clean clothes..I have gone the throw away route this trip though, wearing the old stuff I have and then throwing it away, same with the t shirts, I bought the cheapest ones I could find, from Tesco’s, £2 a T shirt and then throwing it away after use…seems wasteful but I’ve overpacked as usual, very difficult to know what to pack to be honest because down here in Malaga it’s 20 degrees and it could quite easily be sub zero with snow on the ground on the way home…but I still packed too much !

Leaving the hotel I put the new place in the Sat Nav…only 15 minutes away, I know your thinking why didn’t you stay there from the start ? Well the tour company didn’t say where it was until the last minute, I guess depends how many are coming and who can do the best deal..anyway the Paradores Malaga Golf hotel is the place for tonight,

Balcony view
Paradores Malaga Golf hotel

meeting up with the rest of the party that’s going on the tour with Hispania Tours, drinks, meal and a general chat about the tour, if you a link clicker it’s this tour I’m going on (notice how I’m getting the hang of putting links in !)

Really good crowd, mostly German but English is spoken by most so that’s good, also have one American in the group…they all seem to be looking forward to the tour that starts at 8.30 prompt tomorrow !

Christmas in Andalusia, Day 3

Not sure where I got too in yesterday’s write up…had some great food…black pudding, a specialty of the region apparently…followed by roast suckling lamb..very good indeed and of course a glass of Rioja…oh, been getting some stick via Twitter and FB about the state of my bike so had a little clean up operation, sacrificing a t shirt and a bottle of sparkling water..I figured sparking over still as this would help shift those stubborn stains 🙂

Anyway, think that’s all I forgot..back to today..800 kilometres to cover so up early, before the sun again..convinced I was in for another round of toll roads..after all if you have to get the distance in sometimes you have no choice but when selecting the avoid tolls route I was really surprised to find that it was nearly the same time and distance..result..so off I set..in the dark..but what a good move, the sunrise was awesome, couldn’t help but stop and take a couple of photos.. 

Sunrise 2


Sunrise 2
The temperature wasn’t too bad when I set off, but the closer I got to Madrid the colder it got, next thing I noticed was frost on the grass..a definite temperature drop..getting into Madrid at 10.30 it was 4 degrees according to the sign outside the chemist..quick refuel in the centre of Madrid, fuel is so cheap here..€1.10 seems to be about average, about £0.80 per litre ish !

Back on the road and heading out of Madrid the temperature started to rise..although I was still on main roads they were quite enjoyable, just enough to keep you entertained but obviously with the distance I had to do you don’t want anything to taxing..quick stop for a brew and knocked up some pasta, as I had the stove I just as well use it.. 

Lunch stop
The last 200 kilometres into Malaga were really nice roads weaving through the hills, excellent way to finish a good days ride, topped up with fuel before checking into the hotel..had to put the bike in a lift to take it down to the lower level car park..couldn’t help but give it a blip when I started up 🙂

Really nice hotel..forgot I booke such a good one..restaurant was busy so I opted to eat outside, bit of a novelty on Christmas Eve..must remember to book a table for tomorrow night.. 

Hotel Molina Lario

Off to Gibraltar tomorrow…


On any Sunday

A little bit more fun on the DRZ this Sunday, I met up with Justin on his KTM and we had a little blat up through the lanes in the Stroud valley, great fun…including my first ‘off’..good to get that out of the way, no damage done to me or the bike as it was all pretty low speed and a soft landing.

Membership of the TRF (Trail Riders Fellowship) has now been sorted and hopefully will be joining them on a ride shortly.

As always the camera was running so knocked up a little video…

Filtering, Ride to Survive

Excellent piece written by Glos Thinkbike..we have had some discussions in the past on filtering, some say it’s dangerous others say it’s why you have a bike, if your not comfortable doing it don’t…give this a read though and other stuff on his site..Thinkbike do good work to promote road safety for all road users..
We have seen many articles, some from law firms stating ‘Filtering is legal’ these articles have caused much celebration amongst bikers but how many of those articles have gone on to define the legal definition of filtering? Rule 88 Highway Code; when filtering in slow-moving traffic, take care and keep your speed low. This rule doesn’t really […]


I have a plan…LEJOG

Lands End to John O’Groats or LEJOG…something I’ve been wanting to do a while now and circumstances mean that I may have a few days off at the end of August, now this does include the Bank Holiday, now August Bank Holiday is probably the worse day to travel on UK roads, it’s going to add an extra dimension for sure !
The direct route is around 850 miles, the idea is to avoid motorways where possible after all who wants to sit on a motorway for hours, this will add about 100 miles to the trip and about 4 hours, so google maps say anyway.

As I’m just outside Bristol I reckon and early start would see me down to Lands End and back in a day, about 450 miles but it would mean I avoid having to get any accommodation down at the pointy end of the UK, a difficult task in the summer let alone Bank Holiday weekend..then it will be a case of just winging it and hopefully finding somewhere as and when, been a long time since I’ve gone off without a knowing where I’m stopping. Could be interesting:)

Road Trip 2015, Day 2 Montlucon to Annecy

After a great nights sleep we we’re disappointed to find it absolutely chucking it down with rain, oh well, at least your in no doubt about putting the waterproofs on !

After packing our gear we headed down to the bike to get kitted up, the hotel owner was a biker himself so provided free undercover secure parking for all bikers, Hotel L’Univers, in Montlucon.

The ride out of town and to be honest the first couple of hours ridding weren’t the best, teaming it down with rain, visor fogging up, rain on the inside of the visor and on my glasses…but at least it wasn’t cold !

Just as the rain was starting to ease, with the usual “I think its getting brighter over there” and the “its just a finishing up storm” a lone biker on a rather old BMW jumped out of a layby and flagged us down, he was ok but had lost his friend that he was riding with and asked if we had passed him anywhere, he was riding a Ducati, in the rain ! if had any sense he would have done all he could to keep the duke dry, rain and Italian electrics don’t mix !!

With the roads drying and the sun trying we found some great roads, some by accident due to french roadworks, proof if ever you needed one that sat navs are fine but some times paper maps are the only way when you need to navigate you way around an obstruction.

The sun now out as we pulled into our lunch stop, just outside Bourg en Bresse, just in time too as the countdown was only showing 5 miles left in the tank ! Dare we take our waterproofs off ? once it stops raining its surprising how quick it gets very warm, they had to come off.

The last hour of riding was along some great roads, some we’d travelled before and some new ones, heading towards the foot of the Alps the scenery takes your breath away.

Arriving in Annecy our hotel was easily found just as a monstrous thunderstorm broke, thunder and lightning flashing around for an hour or so, spectacular, when your inside anyway.

Popped out to the local eatery tonight, turned out it was a bit of a biker bar,….Cafe 201, on a road with every motorcycle dealer on it, from KTM to MV Augusta…might see it we can pop in tomorrow, be rude not too !

few pics from tonight and the hit & miss tracking map about 250 miles today..Italy tomorrow !



image  image



Road Trip 2015

With under 3 weeks to go until we leave on this years road trip we’ve finally got all the accommodation booked along with the ferry & train. So here’s the list with the costs in GBP, in the past the trip has been around 3,000 miles and working on a average of 50 mpg, which again seems to be what we do on a long trip. About half the hotels include breakfast and but other than that there is no food included in the costs or any road tolls with the exception of Mont Blanc & Modane road tunnels.

Ferry-Brittany Ferries overnight ferry with cabin…… £180

Montlucon-Inter-Hotel de l’Univers, 38 Avenue Marx Dormoy, 03100 France……£45

Annecy-Ace Hotel Annecy8 Boulevard du Semnoz – Zone d’activités de PeriazSeynod, 74600, France…..£38

Varazze-Hotel La RoiVia Genova 43 Varazze, 17019, Italy……. £72

Montecatini-Hotel Reale, Via Palestro 7, Montecatini Terme……..£40

Todi-La Gardenia apartment, Todi (2 weeks)…….£874

Allesandria-Hotel DiamonteVia Gambalera 137 Spinetta Marengo, 15100, Italy……£61

Bourg en Bresse-Campanile Bourg-En-Bresse ~ ViriatRue Des Vareys, Parc D’activités De La Chambière
Viriat, 01440, Franc……£52

Laon- Les Masion de 3 Trois,17 rue Saint Martin Laon, 02000, France…..£107

Euro Tunnel, Calais (13.50)……£40

Total accommodation cost ……………………£1,509

Fuel 3,000 miles @ 50mpg…………………….£310

Mont Blanc & Modane tunnel charges ……..£52

Total cost…………………………………….£1,871

This is everything excluding food and road tolls for both of us, we are going to be away for a total of 3 weeks with 2 weeks of that in a 2 bedroom apartment in the centre of Todi so that works out at £45 per night each !

Bimble to Loomies Cafe in Hampshire

This weekends little jolly as the weather is set fair is down to Loomies Cafe in Hampshire via Marlborough and the Savernake Forest possibly about a 180 mile round trip, probably a stop at Pollys Tearooms on the way back for afternoon tea.